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Kitsulie the Kitsullahin

Hiya Toonsters! Meet my Toonsona avatar, Kitsulie:

She's a wacky Kitsune-Dullahan-Gremlin, that I've dubbed as a "Kitsullahin" She's always evolving (just like me!) so she's undergone lots of changes over the years. She's my fun, toony side that I love to draw & animate!

Kitsulie is the combination of Kitsune+Julie! Kitsunes are my favorite mythological creature. They are playful, shapeshifting, smart and always evolving/ growing their tails. I've always loved foxes and always sign my work with a Fox tail symbol! This is also why Kitsulie has a fox tail and sometimes sprouts fox ears and can shape-shift! (Hey I'm an animator, I can create whatever I want!) This is also the inspiration for my 3 tailed Fox logo!

My character is also a gremlin (Don't feed her after midnight!) with a design influenced by Fifinella- a gremlin designed by Disney & mascot for WASP: Women Airforce Service Pilots. I'm an aviation lover at heart, who dreams to be pilot & skydiver. I love anything to do with flying and the sky! My character specifically wears pink goggles- symbolic for the pink goggles I wore for my very first skydive!

I've also decided to make her a Dullahan- which is a type of fairy from Irish mythology- this is the way I'm embracing my horror side! This canon came from a joke I doodled one day for fun. Can you tell what story this is inspired from?

Can you tell what story this is inspired from? Remember the book "In a Dark Dark Room & Other Scary Stories? The story about "The Girl with the Green Ribbon" was one of my favorites, so I thought it would be fun to make this for my character! This embraces my dark humor, plus lots of fun gags to have on this one!!

So that's Kitsulie! I hope you enjoyed learning more about this character- you'll be seeing lots more of her!

Blue Skies! Enjoy the Chaos & Stay TOONed!

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