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Creating Rainbows in the Dark

Hey Toonsters!

Hope everyone is having a fantastic summer! It has been a quite busy one over here, and how time flies! I've been continuously busy with my day job, as well as my side gigs doing trivia hosting and party entertaining. I've found it a challenge to find the time to create art, while filling up the hours of the day with all sorts of activities. One of the big reasons is, since I work at the computer all day- my eyes need a break once the evening rolls around! I started back on traditional media so I can step away from the digital world and into a new world of fantasy and creation, and boy I'm seeing exciting results! I bought a variety of sketchbooks with different tones, gel pens, and now acrylic paints and markers. I've been exploring my abstract and surreal art, as a way to let my mind wander and explore. It's amazingly therapeutic, and I love the whimsical creations that come about. One of my favorites has been working on black paper with bright, bold colors. This has been one of my favorite styles because it's like a bold light shining through the vast darkness. Even in the darkness every color can be found! (Dr. Horrible reference anyone?) After I've created something surreal and detailed, I feel a great sense of pride. I'm happy to have found another creative outlet along with writing.

Check out some of these other pieces I've created- Some are still works-in-progress as you may can tell, but even with a simple sketch you can see a magical illustration shining through.

Some of these I think could go with a galactic-type theme. I love space and the universe- I even started looking up how to create mandalas- I love circles, they are my favorite shape, so I would love to start creating those as well.

Speaking of creations, I'm thinking of opening an Etsy shop this Fall. It will be an adventurous and exciting new endeavor, but one I'd love to explore. I'm thinking of calling it "Kitsulie's Kreations"- I would sell paintings, prints and stickers to start, but eventually expand into other fun objects I could paint- wooden objects, thrift store finds, and other fun things! The possibilities are endless! Watch this space!

More fun things are coming along and I can't wait to share with you all.

Thanks for stopping by- Blue Skies & Sunshine!

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