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Hugs for all!

I drew this adorable little Kitsune fox from Reddit on R/DrawForMe and I feel myself getting back into the drawing groove! I haven't really been drawing lately (Gasp!) In all honesty it was nice to take a bit of a break for a while! Instead, I've really been working my job, working on my house, learning/studying some new skills, and just a bit of everything in between! Even when I don't post, I always want to be doing something, learning, writing, or creating somehow. I can't wait to show you all what's in store for 2021!

I also went on over to RedditGetsDrawn because sometimes I find lots of fun people to draw- there's so many fascinating people in the world! Everything about them inspires me for different stories and OCs- it's interesting to see the lighting, makeup, accessories, hair, outfits, just everything about them! Caricatures are really fun and interesting to do, and I have gotten a few commissions for them, maybe that's something to study more about? Why not, the possibilities are endless!

Commission I did for fellow Voiceover Artist HilariousDariusVO on Instagram right around Christmas! Another fun cartoon caricature. I'm really enjoying playing around with fun colors, as well as lighting and shading. Check out his work! Very inspiring! I'm looking forward to creating so much more in 2021! I hope that everyone is staying safe and happy out there! Remember- Everything will be okay!

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