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The Kitsulie Spirit

The Kitsulie Spirit is a little Fox Spirit with multiple tails. The name "Kitsulie" Comes from the combination of a "Kitsune" & "Julie" This is the Kitsulie spirit.

A cute fox spirit that usually decorates my pages in my doodles and free drawings. She is me. She is my animal spirit, my animal guide. She is wise, playful, curious, inspired, spirited, creative, adventurous, stubborn, feisty, funny, determined. She's the little guide that whispers to me "You can do it." Through the art blocks, the struggles, the stress, she is there to remind me that I'm an artist. I want to create. I want to share my thoughts creatively to the world through my art & writings. I want to shine. I love drawing her because foxes are my favorite animal. I love their tails. I also love drawing her because she is a free spirit. I can draw her in an abstract, free-flowing kind of way. The Kitsune is a multi-tailed fox who grows more tails the older and wiser they become. I gave mine 3 tails because that seems like the number to fit me right now. I'm 33. 3 is the magic number. As I grow and my art grows she may grow more. The tails are fun to draw, they almost look animated with the way they sway. The Kitsulie spirit is also how I sign all of my work. If you see this little fox spirit, you'll know Kitsulie was here! Thanks for stopping by! Blue Skies! ^_^

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