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Kitsulie's Latest Art

Hey Toonsters!

Happy Monday! It's a chilly day today, so I'm spending this day on my couch all bundled and warm, being creative! I am trying to get back into my blogging habit, as I love to write and update on what's been going on!

Well, for the most part I've been working during the day, and in my free time, it varies from keeping up house, exercising, events, and all sorts of things! My biggest goal is to build up Kitsulie- whether it's through art or writing or any of that!

So let's move onto some of the latest artworks. The header image here was an old sketch I'd done, so I decided to ink & color it. You can probably see the influence of Talespin, right? I love that show. I love all things aviation and flying! That's one of the reasons why my regular avatar has wings/goggles and a pilot scarf!

I'm always updating her look. This one is the latest, and I started one of those "Meet the Artist" images. This list right here is a few of my favorite things! Do you have any of these things in common with me?

These were just a few drawings I made for fun, from sketches. The last one of the robot is Robbie 8.0, a new OC I made from one of the trend pics on Twitter called "Let's make an OC!" So these were all suggestions from people and I came up with this guy! You can definitely see the Futurama influence, as I don't normally draw robots!

I've also done a few art trades with Twitter friends. I would draw their OC and they would draw one of mine! A fun way to practice art and it's such a nice trade off! I usually do these for fun when I have the extra free time.

Hey! I'm a cat now! If you look on Twitter I am now Julie KATsulie! The girl changing me into a cat is Staria- a prankster OC by BelugaToons. You'd have to go visit BelugaToons to learn more about her but she's one of my favorites! So he made a blank template of Staria changing you into an animal. I decided to go with a cat- I have a fox fursona I've had for years, and I also have Summer Falls- a flying squirrel fursona, so I thought it'd be fun to switch it up and try something new. Plus, BelugaToons got turned into a cat so I thought it'd be funny if I was too! I might even add more, because that was fun! :D

So that's my latest art! If you wanna see more, you can check me out @Kitsulie on Instagram or Twitter!

Thanks for stopping by! Stay TOONed!

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