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Everything will be Ok!

Tails is my favorite video game character ever! I've always loved him in all the cartoons & video games. He's a Kitsune (Multi-Tailed Fox) which I love! (That's where my logo comes from with 3 tails) I've also joined some more Re-Animated projects. I was working on one last year for Sonic SATAM Intro- I think they've moved to doing the entire episode. The deadlines were extended. This was one of the animations I did last year, when during the intro it pans across to see all the characters. It was fun! I've also picked up another scene with #AdventuresOfSonicTheHedgehog Reanimated, and requested a scene with Tails. I got one with Tails & Breezie (The Robot that Dr. Robotnik made to trick Sonic) The shot is of them peeking out of a cave, with her exclaiming "My hero!" That'll be fun. So I decided to play around in Adobe Animate to create Tails. I use to play Sonic Adventure Battle 2 a lot, and in the Chao Garden Tails use to say "Everything Will be Okay" to the Chao. So cute! I decided to take this audio and practice a bit with it.

Awww, thanks Tails! You always know what to say!

I love this little guy so much, I am getting a tattoo of him later on this year. (It would've been in April but it got pushed back due to everything going on!

Stay Tooned!

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