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Miss Sunshine Funshine!

Happy Sunday Funday

from Miss Sunshine to you!

She wishes you all a fun day!

and happiness too!

Miss Sunshine Funshine

was born on the sun

She's 456 years old

and loves to have fun!

Miss Sunshine Funshine

is just bursting with cheer!

She loves to share joy

for all to hear!

Miss Sunshine Funshine

just loves to dance and play!

She says there's something FUN

about each new day!

Miss Sunshine may be bright

and colorful too.

There's something colorful

about each one of you!

You're beautiful and lovely

you're doing just fine.

Let yourself glow!

let yourself shine!

It's okay to relax

it's okay to have fun!

Give yourself a break

you're a special someone!

"Don't forget to drink water!"

Miss Sunshine likes to say too.

She wants to make sure the best

is brought out in each of you!

That's Miss Sunshine Funshine

we're happy you met!

She hopes each new day for you

is the best one yet!

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