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Rainbows are metal

Rainbows are metal. Ask Dio if you could.

He had many songs which had "Rainbow" in it.

-- Rainbow in the Dark

-- Catch the Rainbow

-- Sacred Heart

and so many songs which mentioned Rainbows.

Rainbows mean many things to many people, and can represent different things. So colorful, so intangible, and yet so glorious.

Shining through after the rain. Very symbolic.

I love rain, but not everybody does. Even though it may "Rain on your parade", even though things don't go the way you want them to, even though life is crazy & unpredictable, the sun will shine through & give you a rainbow of hope & awesome."Rainbow in the Dark" is also one of my favorite Dio songs. I love Metal, and Dio is one of my favorite artists.

It makes me think of the world around us. Even though it may be black as night & darkness surrounding you, you can shine through. Shine bright & show all of your colors. A beacon of light & hope.  Rainbows represent your colors, and each color has different meanings & personalities.

My personal favorite is Orange, followed by Purple. These colors atop a glorious black background & you've got the perfect Halloween Theme! (Best time of year, wouldn't you agree?)

Another reason I relate to & love rainbows so much is because they are a combination of Art, & Science. To me, Art & Science go hand in hand. Art is Science, and Science is Art. The left brain & the right brain are both beautiful, amazing & are essential to being balanced & whole.

Rainbows are artistic because they are depicted creatively just about anywhere you can think of. People write songs about them, and paintings are painted of them. They are in animations, movies, mythology & books. They are associated with magic & wonder. People talk of rainbow bridges, dreaming & chasing rainbows. Tales are told & they are a sight to behold.

Of course, Rainbows are scientific too! Research on how you see a Rainbow-it's very interesting! Not to mention mathematical!

Rainbows are a perfect illustration of how art & science go hand in hand.  These are just different ways of looking at the world. Look at it both logically and creatively. Don't let logic "ruin" your art for you... embrace it & let it enhance it. Learn about the world around you & let your imagination flow! Learn everything you can. Soak up information, but be open-minded to both sides! Think logically and creatively.

Shine bright my friends!

Let your colors shine in all their glory of awesome!

Thanks for reading!

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