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Kitsulie's Blog is Back!

Hey Toonsters!

It's been a while (since last September) since I've made a blog post! There's been a lot going on and I haven't been able to keep up with my website as much as I'd liked. I've still been drawing and writing in my free time, I just haven't really been posting here as much as I did before. By the way, check out my new Foxy logo!

I also had to reconnect my domain- After lots of research and checking out other sites and how I wanted everything organized, I decided to keep everything here same as before! I had spent a lot of time designing and building this place. So that means one place for everything- my portfolio, shop, and my blog where I write about anything and everything! Movies, local events, travel, you name it! Plus, art updates, projects, and who knows what else! As I like to say, every day is a new adventure!

Thanks for stopping by! Blue Skies! Enjoy the chaos and Stay TOONed!

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