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The Pilot Alphabet Song

Have you ever wanted to learn the entire phonetic alphabet that Pilots use?

Well now you can with this fresh and upbeat tune!

Sure to be the radio's next #1 hit!

Sang (Sung? Sang? Swung?) to the tune of "Happy Happy Birthday, From all of us to you" 

A is for Alpha, as in the Alpha Dog

B is for Bravo, just for that dancing frog!

C is for Charlie, as in the Charlie Horse

D is for Delta, the Airline Charts your course

E is for Echo, that's something to repeat

F is for Foxtrot, a dance that's on your feet

G is for Golf, you play it on Sunday

H is for Hotel, for when you go away

I is for India, it's a type of ink

J is for Juliet, her ending kinda stinks

K is for Kilo, something to measure you

L is for Lima, the Capital of Peru

M is for Mike, a name by which you call

N is for November, a month that's in the fall

O is for Oscar, I heard that he's a grouch

P is for Papa, he's sitting on the couch

Q is Quebec, Canadian Province

R is for Romeo, he's sitting on the fence

S is for Sierra, it's a type of drink

T is for Tango, a dance that makes ya think

U is for Uniform, you wear it to your job

V is for Victor, your coworker along with Bob

W is for Whiskey, ya take a shot or two

X is for X-Ray, look what Whiskey's done to you

Y is for Yankee, Doodle went to town

Z is for Zulu, some people that are around!

That's the Phonetic Alphabet, from Alpha to Zulu

I hope you learned something, because I sure did, too!

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