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Musings on Turning 30 (2015)

This was my blog post from another Blog and I wanted to make sure I posted it here, too!

Ahhh, 30!

Another milestone in life. It seems like these milestones are spaced further apart the older we get. When we were 12, we were excited to turn 13 and become a teenager. From 15 to 16 to drive, 16 to 18 into adult-hood, age 20 for the new decade, 21 to drink, and then 30!

Life seems to really fly, doesn't it? I look back on my life and can remember random memories from nearly every year. Some good, some bad, but they all shaped me into the woman I am today, and I wouldn't have it any other way.

I still feel like a kid at heart and I know I always will be. I collect toys, I watch cartoons, I'm goofy and playful. That's just how I've always been. It fuels my creativity, it keeps my brain sharp. Learning can be fun!

I don't really foresee HUGE changes in my upcoming 30th year. The 30th birthday is always made into a big deal, but it's not going to become an ultimate change on the day of. That's what it has been like on my other "milestone" birthdays. It's a gradual change. It's growth, and most important- it's who YOU make yourself out to be.

I know people who've yet to turn 30, and I know people who've already hit this milestone long ago. Age is just a number, but I think these new decades are like a reckoning, they stir something inside of us. I remember when I first turned 20, I realized I wasn't going to be a teenager any longer, but a young adult. Now that I'm hitting 30... well, I still feel like a young adult! I think younger people would see it more as full adult-hood. That's how I've always viewed it. However, it's very different for every person.

It's just interesting. No longer a 20-something, now a 30-something. I've always been interested in numbers. 3 is the magic number, and now I'll get to have 10 of them in a row!

I use to worry and say things like "I've got to do X by my 30th!" Now, I worry no longer, but go with the flow. I set goals for myself to accomplish them. If I don't do something by a certain time, so what? Who says I have to? Only me!

So upon turning 30, I've decided to write this blog. In addition to my thoughts, I also wanted to cover 3 things:

- 30 Things I've accomplished within the past 30 years

- 30 Things I'm GOING to accomplish within the next 30

- 30 pieces of advice

I hope that you enjoy! Not only will this help me share my knowledge, experience, and thoughts with you, but I hope this will inspire you as well! When I look back on this article and accomplish more, I can see "See, I've done it!"

Let's begin!

30 things I've accomplished within the past 30 years:

1. Ran an obstacle Course Race

2. Graduated College

3. Went SCUBA Diving

4. Went Skydiving

5. Piloted an airplane

6. Worked at some cool jobs

7. Bought my own house

8. Bought a car

9. Saw my favorite band in concert

10. Opened my own Freelance Business

11. Started a Blog

12. Traveled to NYC

13. Went on a Cruise

14. Took Aerial Classes

15. Went on Flying Trapeze

16. Rode motorcycles

17. Went horseback riding

18. Met celebrities

19. Went to Conventions

20. Worked & Volunteered at many places (that should be a list, or maybe an article, in itself!)

21. Been an extra in movies/shows/commercials

22. Sold my art

23. Went to Space Camp

24. Bestowed Wisdom

25. Went Camping at a music festival

26. Went spelunking

27. Lived on my own

28. Stood up for myself

29. Made a name for myself

30. Conquered Fear

That's only the tip of the iceberg, it was tough coming up with 30 things because there's SO many things! Some, like jobs, should be a whole list by itself. More on that later!

Look back on your accomplishments!

30 things I'm GOING to accomplish:

(Notice I say "going to" that's because these are more than just dreams, these are goals! Make goals for yourself!)

1. Get a Pilot's License

2. Get SCUBA certified

3. Get Skydive Certified

4. Get Motorcycle License

5. Perform for a large audience

6. Open a small business

7. Become very well-known for my work

8. Have a speaking role in a movie/show

9. Host a successful blog

10. Voice Act for a Cartoon Show

11. Animate for a big studio

12. Meet my favorite band

13. Write a book

14. Travel to all the countries

15. Start a TV cartoon show

16. Do stunts for a movie

17. Become great at Aerial Dancing

18. Vendor at Con/somewhere and sell my wares

19. Get Celebrity Status

20. Start a podcast

21. Become a Motivational Speaker

22. Plan an epic party

23. Invent something

24. Write an Autobiography

25. Learn a musical instrument

26. Get something named after me

27. Climb a mountain

28. Further my education

29. Learn a few new languages

30. Continue to be awesome (done and done!)

Whew, that was hard putting it into a list! Again, SO many things I want to accomplish! This could turn into a huge list. Things like Travel or Work end up becoming sub-lists in itself! What about you, what do YOU want to accomplish? Which leads me to my next list:

30 pieces of advice from me to you:

1. Dream BIG!

2. Don't let what people say or think bother you

3. Have integrity

4. Be honest

5. Keep your word

6. Put forth your best work

7. Take pride in your accomplishments

8. Be humble

9. Don't sell yourself short

10. Take the leap, if you're afraid, just do it!

11. If you must speak of others, say kind things

12. Show kindness to everyone

13. Stand up for yourself and your beliefs

14. Be assertive and take charge of your life

15. Never speak negatively of yourself

16. Learn to say no

17. Take constructive criticism graciously

18. Think before you speak or act

19. Always be professional in work

20. Take time for yourself

21. Spend time with those you love

22. Mind your own business

23. Take risks

24. Make your own opportunities

25. Learn something new everyday

26. Take care of your body & mind

27. Always strive to improve

28. Never compare yourself to others

29. Find reasons to laugh or smile


So that's my Blog on Musings about turning 30!

I'm very excited and I know the new decade is going to bring forth lots of exciting new things, with new stories to tell and new accomplishments to make!

No matter what your age, whether you're 30, 13, 83, or 53, I hope that you enjoyed reading my blog. I hope that it inspired you to create your own list of accomplishments, dreams, goals, and advice! You never know, you could impact someone's life today!

Everybody's life path is different and unique. Make your own path! There's a realm of possibilities waiting just for YOU!

Blue Skies! Enjoy the Chaos and Stay TOONed!

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