Femme Furtale- Collab Project

These are some characters for a fun art collab with an internet friend @BelugaToons (Go check out his work!) So we each drew each other's characters as a fun art trade, and now we're making an OC band! From left to right in the header is- Peggy Forbes, Kimmy Hoginski, Lena Indri, Claire Kitty, Becca Rogers & Rita Walker! Peggy, Becca & Rita belong to BelugaToons.

These are my 3 contributions:

Kimmy Hoginski who plays bass and is BASSed on a real friend of mine from Scotland. Kimmy is sweet, supportive of her friends, loves pets and cute things, a little bit of a mischievous side. She's very curious and loves to learn and ask questions.

Claire Kitty is the lead singer and is she ever fabulous! She loves being a ham and sometimes can be a bit brash and impulsive. While sometimes she can be a bit dramatic, she is sweet and loyal to her friends and can be quite sensitive and emotional. Sometimes she and Peggy butt heads.

Lena Indri is one cool gal and one of the first ones I came up with just drawing one day for fun. BelugaToons drew her, so I drew his rockstar gal Rita. So in this world, they are founders of the band, best friends & are now dating.

Lena plays the keytar and always has a smirk on her face. She can come off as a bit intimidating but is actually very nice, she just has a dry and sarcastic sense of humor and is more of an observer. She is best friends with Rita, the jokester of the group and they love to go to the movies together and make their own commentary. Rita loves horror flicks & Lena loves classic movies, so they love to compromise by watching a good classic horror!

They all have a whole world with tons of fun characters! In fact, we have a "Bible" of every single character- this includes relatives of the Femme Furtale gang and the citizens of the town!

For instance, there's another boy band called Frontstreet Fellaz- Marshall Thompson (Claire's twin brother), Skyler Cloudwalker (Claire's crush but he has a boyfriend), Rudy Rogers (Becca's brother) and Chad Berry.

All of the characters have fun and interesting backstories we've written for them, and how they came to be living in Mew York and forming the band!

You can follow the band on Twitter @FemmeFurtale as a parody band- where they tweet and chat! Sometimes we share art or comics or voiceover skits on SoundCloud. It's a really fun collab project with no due date or anything in mind, as we want to keep it fun and enjoyable. We both have lots of things to do, so who knows what we will do with this in the future! All I can say is... Stay TOONed! Check out the gallery of some art I've done below:

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