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80s Aesthetic

Hey Toonsters!

Hope everyone's having a wonderful and magnificent day! I've been working on my new avatar and just been updating social medias. Lately I've really been wanting to show off my 80s aesthetic. I was born in the 80s, and I'm originally from Florida. I've always loved the 80s vibe- the Miami nights look with the palm trees, the beautiful lined sunset against a pretty background. I've always resonated with all of these things. Sunset colors are my favorite, and I love bright colors on dark backgrounds. I've been looking for website backgrounds to match, but I also just really love the sunset clouds I currently have going on- I love the way they flow too! I recently ordered a new header commission from @JamesMolloyVA on Twitter, isn't it neat looking?

This is my new header for social media, I just love it! Maybe I'll find a nice background for my website to match at some point.

I am also working on my new animation demo reel. I have someone editing it for me, and in the meantime I'm working on some animation to add to it! The big ones I wanna do are a logo animation, and my Avatar Kitsulie & Dot doing something cool for the intro. But it's definitely going to have 80s fun type music to go with it!

Thanks for stopping by! Stay TOONed!

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